IF user Selects any checkbox within 3 booleans then I want to include that in a scope



I am wondering if I can use the IF formula to say that if a user selects any of the checkboxes within three separate columns (booleans) then I want to consider that within a scope. 


B X 
C  X


Let's pretend this is the dashboard and that the "x" represent a check in a boolean list 


Then I want to say that from those items only A, B, C and E are my scope


Do you have any solutions? 


Best Answer




    Good question, I would not do a giant IF statement, but rather another boolean line item.  So, Options is a list with a top member (All Options), and A through F is a list (Projects).  Line items would be Valid (this is your boolean or what you currently have as an X), set the summary to Any.


    In your SYS Projects module (the A through F), create a boolean line item named Valid Options? with the formula: Module.Valid where "module" is your matrix above.  This will return any Project where Options are checked.  This will effectively get you out of the nested IF statement.


    Does that help?