load all data from Prod Env to Cert Env



The users have completed a forecast cycle in the production application. We have developed a new dashboard in the Dev application and moved it to the UAT application for user validation. To validate the dashboard, users want ALL data(actual,user-entered forecast, and data loaded from 3 other sources) to be Synced from production app to UAT application. 

Is there a way to export all data from Prod app to UAT app?


  • @kalyankkumar 


    You can copy the Prod model and then sync Dev to the Prod Copy. 





    Do NOT select "Create Model from Revision" in your production model on the Revision page.  If you do, this will create a new revision in your Prod model and will break the sync from your Dev model.  So very important, do not click "Create Model from Revision".