Multiple location budget access for users


We have a Multiple dept planning dashboard in budget model where end users can select multiple see their budget . Dept list are selective access enabled for the end users.Here is the issue:

For example : User A select 2 dept on the dashboard ,Now any other user go to that dashboard and select their location (based on their access) , they see their budget total + user A ' budget total.

Please see the attahced for reference. They cant unelect user A dept since they dont have access. Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful


Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You need to add users list to the module and add an IF THEN ELSE so that only the items accessible to the user calculate and all other items resolve to zero. 

    Only then will the summary limit the calculation to each users access. 


    Alternatively, it is now possible to SUM across the users list. Therefore, you can create a new module dimensioned by the summary level list of the hierarchy and Users. Use SUM from the existing calculation module into this new summary module using a mapping. This mapping module contains the list over which the original calculation is created along with a user formatted line item. Allocate a user to each list item and use this line item in a SUM function. 

    Remove summary items from your existing report and replace it with this new module. 

    This alternative approach means you can keep your existing process and limit the use of the users list.



  • Hi,


    If you want to keep format of this dashboard (users see sum of selected items etc.), reporting table (grid) needs to have Users dimension - as always if you want to present this data differently for each user. Otherwise, you need to come up with some other method of presenting this data.