How can I find an overview of which line items are used as filters in saved views?


Hi Anaplan Community,


I am wondering if and where I can find an overview of line items which are used as filters in saved views. 

This would be a great help in maintaining models!


Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote

    @alexpavel it is difficult to avoid removing filters when auditing models unless notes are used to detail their use in filters. 

    Definitely the use of notes should be included as best practice when highlighting them as filters criteria.



  • Unfortunately there is no such overview.
    The only way to make the life easier is to use some conventions.
    A good practice would be to create line-items with meaningful name like "Filter x" and use the "Filter x" as filter in the Saved view.
    By looking at the reference formulas you can see that a line-item is used in a filter.

    For normal columns, you can add comments in the "Notes" that the line.item is used in saved views.

    Hope it helps