Optimizer Process Success with FALSE Booleans


We created an optimizer process to maximize net income. The specific issue relates to a constraint where where revenue (optimizer variable x revenue constant) cannot exceed the forecast, which sits at an aggregated level.


So, my logic is to first multiply the decision variable (at P4 Product) by it's calculated revenue input/constant (at P4 Product). Then, in an intermediary step, I aggregate the results to the P2 Assortment level and evaluate the result against the P2 Assortment Revenue Forecast.


I've added the intermediate calculation as a variable in the optimizer action and the process runs successfully; however, when I review the Boolean constraints at the P2 Assortment level, most of the Boolean calculations show as FALSE. How can this be?





  • Hello

    can you drill down and check if it’s a rounding problem! If it’s the case then no worries, no incidence on the optimizer 

    if its not a rounding problem, then you should check the dimensions of your constraints 




  • I don't think this is a rounding issue. Most of the Boolean are FALSE because the revenue far exceeds the forecast. It's orders of magnitude larger.