Level1 Model Building Exam questions


I am planning for attempting the Level1 Model Building exam in few days.

Can any one help on providing below details?


1. For attempting the exam, do we need to complete the Lesson 14 about Classis Dashboard, as it is given as Optional in the lesson itself

2. Exam time

3. Exam pattern (Multiple choice Or hands on to be done during exam?)

4. How many questions will be asked?

5. Pass % 

6. How many attempts?





  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the quick response.

    Is it total 2 attempts or 3 attempts for the exam if I fail and need to retake exam?


    If all attemps failed, exam can be given after 2 weeks?




  • It's two exam attempts before having to wait two weeks.
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  • Yes, I did it now. Thank you again 🙂
  • I need L1 answers any help
  • I found another answer indicate that there are three attempts, after three attempts, we only can retake the test after 2years…. so which one is correct? 2 weeks or 2 years?