November 6th Updates - Examples? Documentation?


Great updates over the weekend. Bulk copy is huge.

Anyone see any documentation on the optimizer and what changed? I'm anxious to learn more about what "solve more complex problems" means.




  • Hi Jared,

    I think the optimizer timeout settings now has an upper limit of 4 hours, an increment from previously set 1 hour. I think this is what they mean when they say it can solve more complex problems.

    Would wait for a more exhaustive document though. Also, did you check out the Tolerance they've added to the optimizer? This one is a relief and should already reduce timeout issues and give slightly suboptimal solutions.
  • Have read the tech notes on bulk copy and I was a little unsure as to usefulness and then realised if you're using "fake" versions this will save a lot of setup on imports, etc. to do "version copy"

    Time will also be helpful... gives that starting point even if it's a random period - haven't tried it yet but presumably it works on the hierarchy ie select FY24 to copy to FY25 then anything underneath that will also copy?

  • Bulk copying lists will also make it easier to copy scenarios over when building these out using lists.
    In the past I have only achieved this by copying every input module over into a target scenario which by its nature is prone to errors.
    A solid improvement!