Level 3 Import to A2 Account>Product# list




In Level 3  Activity 4.6.4  Import data from the Data Hub model to populate the A2 Account>Product# list


Here I have created a Saved view in Data But for Module SYS14 Create Account>Product to import this data to A2 Account>Product# list. But could not import successfully. I have seen both Product List and Account List as dimensions in saved view SYS14 but in the A2 list  I can only see Account list members populated which is a combination  list.


I am struggling to populate products in A2 to list. Need Help to solve Import Issues.


A2 List.png

Saved View.png



  • @prakashdevaguptapu 


    A2 Account - Products is supposed to contain only Accounts at first because you will be uploading Products into this list from SYS14 module. Now it is all how you import and how you map. Since it is Level 3,  expectation is that you do it on your own.


    If I was you I would check the import action. Remember Account- Product is a numbered list - and imports get trickier with numbered list


    Good Luck


    Miz Logix

  • Hi Misbah,


    Thanks for addressing the issue. I have tried unchecking the Number list Dialogue box and Imported the Data, but I could update the products for only the first Account CANDYATE for rest of the accounts the following error is showing up which i Have attached in the below images. Can you suggest me how to proceed to solve this issue! I have stuck on this issue for a day now.



  • Hi @prakashdevaguptapu  

    What would be helpful is to revisit importing into numbered list 

    Some questions I think you should be looking at:


    1. Why do you see Account list members in A2 list and that too in bold? This could also mean you might have had items added but present at the bottom of the list (and these would not be bold). Understanding the difference is key to understanding the basics of lists.


    2.  Why do you have A2 as a numbered list? Can it work without being a numbered list? (Answer is No, but think why)


    3. Now that we know it has to be a numbered list, check what all do you need to complete the import - e.g. parent/code/display name etc. and see if you are doing the right mappings for all these.


    Honestly, you only need to think about point 3 for the certification but understanding 1 and 2 are more crucial to your growth as a model builder/SA. 



  • @prakashdevaguptapu 


    As @ankit_cheeni mentioned please revisit the lesson of Importing into Numbered list. I can see fundamental flaw in your dealing with imports into numbered list. Spend few moments there and I am confident you will figure it out what went wrong with your import



    Miz Logix

  • Ghita


    I've been trying to to this import the whole day, and now I'm stuck ...

    I don't manage to get the existing code account>product to be used as the unique identifier. Instead a new code is created, here are my screenshots :

    Saved view :



    Import mapping :



    Import :


    4359 items have been imported


    Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong here, I've tried - to my knowledge - everything !


    thank you for your help

  • AashcaJ

    @Ghita You are very close to the solution. All you need to make sure if how to change the #s into the Display Name….