Bulk Copy Action - Details


Anaplan has released two major updates to its platform during 6th Nov 2021 release updates.

1. New Action for Bulk Copy

2. Optimizer Updates

Here are some of the details around Bulk Copy that I observed.

  1. This Action/Process will work only on Non Production Lists/Structural Lists
  2. This Action/Process can only be run by Workspace Administrators
  3. This Action/Process can be published on New UX as well, provided you encapsulate it within the Process
  4. If you try to create Bulk Copy Action on Production Lists, Process will fail.
  5. Workspace administrators can use Bulk Copy feature from the back end in Versions Command if there is a need to copy the data from one list item to another of a Production List

Hope that helps


Miz Logix


  • Cool!
    I would really like the new "Bulk Copy" action to ask for a target at startup and be available not only to administrators.

    Now its use is very limited. And to copy, you have to create a process with imports for each module with input data.

  • @AntonMineev 


    I think it will be available to all eventually, that's what David mentioned long back. I believe Selective Access will be an issue to deal with before Bulk Copy Action becomes available to all, if at all.


    However it still serves a lot by copying data from one item to another at a MODEL level.



    Miz Logix

  • Yes, some of my clients are constantly using this functionality, transferring data between custom versions.

    It's just that the source / destination changes every time and therefore the action itself with fixed values is less applicable.I believe in the evolution of this functionality!

  • @AntonMineev 


    Absolutely!! I too would love to see that.