Create Action to Mark Certain Booleans as TRUE




I would like to add an action button to automatically mark any driver with a top 10 Driver Ranking as TRUE in the Select Drivers section, while leaving the rest of the booleans as manual for end users.




Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You will need to create an additional boolean formatted line item in your current selection module. 

    From here use a formula to query the ranking table with =DriverRankingModule.DriverRanking<=10

    This will return a TRUE outcome against all drivers within the top 10 ranking as per the ranking module.

    Then right click on this line item and select 'Show'. Use the same line item to filter the Drivers list. Save this as a saved view. 

    Then use this as the source to import into the user input line item in the same module.

    Rename the action and assign this to a new process. Publish an action card to the UX page and assign the process to the card.