How to illustrate historical sales and forecast departing from last point in graph with history


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I am trying to make a graph in which I have Historical Data and Forecast all within a same line. 



In the above example I would need that my green forecast start at the point in which I have historical data and more from there 


the same for all colors


Thanks for your help



    Update your version settings in model settings to include a 'Switchover' period. 

    The in your data feeding the chart make sure that 'Switchover' is enabled for the line item.


    Switchover is a piece of functionality which allows your versions to utilise 'Actual' date up the time period immediate before the switchover period after which the data switches over to the corresponding version. 


    It is possible to create a line chart that looks like the following;


    Where Actual version is coloured differently to other versions and seamlessly flows from one period to the next as data transitions from actual into forecast or budget.

    Here is how 

    Update current period in time setting. In my example current period is Jul 21.

    Then use the following IF THEN ELSE statement to prepare your data. It would be best practice to create a separate module for this.


    Hope this helps.




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