Module's view freezes



Every now and then I have an issue with default view when I work with a module. I do pivoting, filtering etc, but when I try to go back to the default view, system doesn't give it. It shows the view I just created, which I haven't saved. I am able to select a saved view successfully if there is one, but default view shows the view I just created. 


Closing and reopening the module doesn't solve this. I need to close and reopen the model to get default view show what it should. The issue started to appear this fall, not always but annoyingly often though. I have tested this with Chrome and Edge browsers. Same thing in both. 


Has anybody else faced similar issues or is it just my laptop?







  • I have been told by some members of my team that they face the same issue. This is more persistent in the NUX model experience. Not sure if this is a bug or something we are doing wrong.
  • Hi @JussiLi

    This is a pretty old Anaplan bug. And it appears when using subsidiry view. Unfortunately, here only open / close the module and clear browser cookies.

  • @JussiLi 


    @AntonMineev is absolutely correct, but I wouldn't go so far down the route as clearing your browser cache/cookies.  In my experience, I only need to close the module and open it back up again.  But I get it, it can be frustrating at times.



  • Hi @JussiLi,


    Like @AntonMineev mentioned, this bug has been there for years. 


    It happens when you open a subsidiary view in blueprint mode (taking you back to grid view), then if you go straight back to blueprint, the sub view freezes. So try to avoid this sequence and you are all good 🙂


    If (and when) this happens sometimes anyways, you can just refresh the browser page to fix it.


    - Kalle

  • Hi all, 

    Thank you for your replies.

    I still suspect that this can be a different bug than the old one regarding subsidiary views. Or the old bug has evolved. Symptoms are somewhat different. This can appear with modules which don't have subsidiary views.


    Reopening the module wouldn't be a problem but reopening whole model, which this requires, is not ok. That's why I opened a ticket to Support. 


    Best regards,