Model Builder 3 Training 5.5.1 Data Hub Model


Hi All!


I am working on Model Builder 3 and am on step 5.5.1 which says: "In the Data Hub model, create an Employee Details system module. Then, download the Employee Details data file and import into the Data Hub module".


In my starter model, there is already a SYS09 Employee Details module with all of the information already imported. 


Do I need to import the data given, or can I use the module already provided? 


Thank you!



Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    I would check the file and make sure there's nothing new. If so, you'll need to add those line items to your SYS module. Cannot hurt to reload the list and the employee details just in case. From there, my recollection is that I had to build some processes in the DH to create sales reps, sales reps details, and sales role. Which also means you'll need a new list for sales reps flat!