Level 2 Sprint 2 2.4.8 Activity: Create Detailed Demand Review UX Page


I understand that little instructions in the said section is intentional, but I am hoping someone help me out break it to me, maybe rephrase to include a little more detailed, if possible. Thank you,


  • @denzalvin 

    Totally understand the need for more information. Believe it or not, you have everything you need to build this dashboard. It's just a matter of practice and yeah, sometimes a little bit of trial and error as you go up the learning curve. Best way to start is to look at the dashboard and ask how you can build the same thing with the same views. You will be focusing heavily on saved views and custom views as well as how to use the context selectors. Lastly, use the specific instructions given below the dashboard. It will remind you what details you need to ensure are enabled. Here's what it might look like when you're done.

    L2 2-4-8 Detail Demand Review.jpg

  • Thank you, Jared. You were right, I have everything I needed.
  • This is expectedThis is expectedThis is how my Detailed Demand Review Saved view looks likeThis is how my Detailed Demand Review Saved view looks likehow do you change how it looks nowhow do you change how it looks now

  • navinsingh

    Hi All,

    I need a little help as I am not able to enable the Override? button for selection and neither I am able to enable the manually enter the Override forecast value for the end user, hence please help me get both of them enabled for the end user