Accept Cookies Confirmation popup & Course content not getting loaded

Hi All,


when even I login to the I see the below confirmation window pops up on every refresh inspite of providing the Acceptance confirmation. Wondering if this something local to me or anyone else facing this issue as well?




In addition the course content is not getting loaded - appreciate any inputs.


By the it was energizing Anaplan Event and picking my sleeves up to complete L2 before 2021 close.




Best Answer

  • I would try deleting all cookies for this site and then refresh and re-login.
    Any browser add-ons that may be blocking cookies?


  • It worked, however, the L1 13 is not loading yet, remaining lessons in L1 are loading properly.

  • Anyone  knows whats going on with L1 lesson 13? I am able to open all other lessons but 13. Have tried deleting all cookies and made sure no pop-ups are blocked. It just opens to a blank grey page. 

  • I'm having the same issue.  It looks like all lessons are loading except for L1 Lesson 13.  I've cleared cookies and allowed pop-ups. Did you ever get a solution?

  • Nope! Wonder if we could tag the right people here

  • I emailed and they were able to reset my attempts for the lesson.  It launches/loads correctly now!

  • Awesome thank you for letting me know