Level 3 Sprint 2



SYS06 Territory Accounts Details module was pre-populated with formulas for some line items but nothing is showing. Do we need to adjust G4T Territory>Account# list in order for this formulas to work? Thanks




  • @dfilipowiczYes- You can adjust the applies To "G4T Territory>Account#"  after this value populated accordingly 

  • Thanks. I applied G4T Territory>Account#" in Sys06 module but values did not populate. Do you know why?



  • @dfilipowicz 


    You will have to Import into the G4 Territory - Account# list from the saved view of some source module. Not saying where to get it from since it is Level 3 and you are supposed to figure it out on your own.


    Good Luck


    Miz Logix

  • ok,thanks!

  • Hi @Misbah 


    Why do we need to import into the G4T Terr-Account# list from the saved view of some source model? Can we directly import the provided .csv into the G4T Terr-Account# ? Does it have to come from a Model?


    Do I need to create a new code for it? 

  • @mtbulut 


    Technically and logically speaking you can get it from anywhere, but in this case G4T is a combined list and it has to come from Anaplan model.

    I believe there are some codes created somewhere you just need to figure our where to update this list from




    Miz Logix

  • Csta

    I see that G4 list is already there in the list. But this doesn't display in the module we want it to?

    What could be the reason? Any hint to sort this?