Is it possible to set up subset list using a function/formula?


First some backstory - This question was asked in hopes of solving the following problem, since you cannot enter formulas on the grid view of the list or on the subsets tab to populate the subset : I’ve got a list of employees which is 2000+ long. Around 5% population is non-permanent and as such not applicable to many modules. Ideally it would be very convenient to set up separate subsets for permanent and non-permanent population based on contract type, with subsets updated automatically. Setting it up manually is not a good solution as the list will be growing quickly over time. My workaround solution is two set up two separate lists, but that requires double maintenance, is there a better way to manage this?


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  • rodney_piepho

    Assuming you have a list for your employees - you could create a module with your employee list as a dimension, and then add a line item formatted as boolean with the logic that determines whether they are permanent, or non-permanent, if there is other data available within the model to make that determination. You could then create a subset for the employee list, and do a model-to-model import to that subset using the boolean field you created in the module.

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    Will you be able to provide some step by step guide especially on the mode to model import into the subset list ?

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  • Hi Rodney,

    Could you figure out any solution for this?

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