Keep getting errors for Beginning Inventory





Can someone advise me?  I can't get the Beginning Inventory formula to take.  Maybe, I have an error on SYS01?  I don't know.  I've tried multiple times and can't figure out what's wrong.  I completed the rest of the formulas, but can't get the first one to work.


Best Answers

  • JaredDolich


    Your formula in INV01 is correct you just don't have the line item "Not first week of timescale" in SYS01. You need to add the line item first. You'll know it's right when only the first week is FALSE.

    The instructions suggested you make it editable and just click the first week then create another line item that is the opposite. For extra credit you were also given a hint on how you can create the formula.

  • aawd1945a

    Yes, his advice was correct. I had accidentally overlooked the hints.