Process not running correctly



currently have a process that is supposed to take data from one module and put it into another. But currently the process is not working. Screen shots of error are below. 






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  • You'll need to go to the "Details" tab towards the top of the failure pop-up to show specific records that are failing and share that for us to better understand the issue. 


    My best guess is that you are importing from a text field to a number field and the text field has a string of "NULL", "Zero", or "Blank" and that's causing an issue as those are not numbers.  Using a second line item to convert the text field to a number and using that value for the import OR creating a filter to hide the text items may be a potential solution.  If this is in the data hub, even updating the source system import is a potential solution.

  • @neg177 


    Can you send the screenshot of action mapping as well? 


    Thank you

  • @neg177 


    I think the source module and target module having only line items without any dimension, Please use dummy dimension with only one list item in source and target module to Map and import the line items data correctly.


    Please let me know if this helps or if you still need help here.


  • Hi, 


    Here is a screen shot of the Details after the process has ran. Also the format of the LI's are correct. Ill have a screen shot of the Blue Print as well. 





    Blue Print of the Modules 




    Thank you 

  • Hi Ravi, 


    Your solution of dimensioning the modules was correct. 


    Thank you