Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module



If I run the process "Import Data from Hub" in the Supply Chain Model , I get the notification below.

Anyone who can help to solve this error?





Best Answer

  • JaredDolich

    @ceeckman Great question.

    typically this can be solved by checking your mapping to ensure Anaplan recognizes all the line items, in this case there is only one.

    First Check your mapping


    Then make sure 9.2 is pointing to the right line item. If it isn't, you may need to add that to your DAT01 module



  • Hi, 

    Thanks for your answer, but it's not completely clear to me. When I try to adapt the mapping of the action in the supply chain model, I get the following error: 


    I assume to change the pivot of DAT01 in the Data Hub, but I tried it and the combination of P3 SKU and Distribution center remains in the column headers  of the import mapping. 


    How can I resolve this?

  • I found the problem, the pivot of the Export view needs to be adapted.