Adding Image to New UX Page




I'm trying to set a background image to my New UX pg, but having trouble doing so. I have created a URL Link and saved it as a text formatted Line Item and trying to pull it into my New UX pg to use as a backdrop. It is giving the following error below. 


Link that was created with the image


Error I'm receiving



 Please Advise, 


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Best Answer

  • andrewtye

    Have you tried loading the URL directly on the image card via UX rather than as a module with line item?

    Plus you'll need some sort of file format ie .PNG or similar


  • It will not take the URL directly and also I tried to save as a PNG, but takes me to the image pasted below. Not sure how to make this into a link to put into my LI. 






    Thank you 

  • I got it to work.


    Thank you 

  • Excellent!