Manage List Subset in Module


Hi, I want to use List Subset.

We can import Boolean item to List Subset.

But we can not input the formula in List Subset and can not make a refference in module.


How can I manage it in module and List?


And Can we filter original List by List Subset?



  • Hi @hyudolee 

    You can manage any list subset from a module.

    This module must have the list as your dimension.

    Let's create a list called "A list" and add a subset called "a subset"



    Then create a module based on the  "A list" dimension with line items ITEM, NAME, A subset, Add/remove subset


    Line item "A subset" tries to find an element based on the NAME in "a subset" subset



    An import from "Add/remove subset" boolean line item to the "A list" will affect the subset


    The same line item "A subset" with formula  ISNOTBLANK(FINDITEM(a subset, NAME)) for boolean can be used as your filtering criteria of the original list