Selective Access



My model consists of hierarchical lists, E1 Expense category, E2 Expenses. I created an input module with E2 expenses, time(months), Money spent (line item) as dimensions.

I have applied filters such that user shall select E1 expense category(in user filters module) and input module shows E2 expenses of selected E1 expense category only. Now, I would like to restrict user to read or write specific E2 expenses.
For example, under Fuel expense category, expenses are "Bike and Car". User1 shall only write "Bike" and not read Car. User2 shall only write "Car" and not read Bike.

But both of them shall able to select "Fuel" from the expense category dropdown. How to achieve it?

Thanks in advance



  • Take a look at dynamic cell access to drive this functionality in your model.
    Dynamic cell access - Anaplan Technical Documentation
    Dynamic Cell Access - Anaplan Community

  • Thanks Mark. 

    I would like to add an additional point too.

    As I mentioned earlier, User1 shall write "Bike" and not read "car". When I apply DCA, User1 can't read data of "car" but can view the list item "car".

    Here my requirement is,  user shall only able to see the list items, to which he has access and input the data by choosing its parent level item(from dropdown).

    In this case, User1 shall able to choose E1 expense category(Fuel) and module shows list item(car) to which he has access only.

    Thanks in advance