Using List Properties


Hi All,

Why is it best practice to avoid using list properties?

As a central location to hold all the data relevant to that list that does not require the user to update it seems like a perfect option. 

I am referring to properties such as all items of the hierarchy and permanent mappings that will never change.


My question comes on the back of having worked on a model which contained multiple modules all containing the same mappings as the client model builders had created new property modules as they didn't realise one already existed. If these properties were all stored in a list property rather than a line item in a module then every module builder will know where to locate the mapping and avoid creating redundant modules. 


What is the reasoning behind avoiding the use of list properties?


Best Answer

  • MarkWarren

    Our reasoning comes mainly from the desire to create better and more maintainable models with PLANS - This Is How We Model 
    A good naming convention and clear layout/structuring of modules helps reinforce the use of modules for list properties and reduces the potential for duplicated effort (and calculations!).

    There are exceptions of course, we do sometimes need list properties, see1.05-03 Avoid using List Properties 

    So, it comes down to organizing the contents of the model, using Functional Areas, strong naming convention to make systems modules work as well as possible...


  • NoahJ

    In addition to the usability / auditability reasons in Mark Warren's response above, there is also a performance impact to using List Properties Model - the duration of the Model Open time can be negatively impacted by list properties, because they need to be built along with the list before other steps, which is less efficient than if the same data/calculations were included as line items in a module.

    Hope this is helpful for anyone else curious about the reasoning for the best practice!