Grid on dashboard

  1. Hi,

in a module saved view, I created a grid with weekly time buckets filtered on about two years history and two years future..

On the NUX dashboard view, the grid starts from the first week, so 104 weeks in the past, and we need to scroll to the current week if we want to make changes in the future.

I would like the users to see the current week as the first week in the grid on the dashboard, with possibility to scroll back to the past weeks.

Is this possible ?



Best Answer

  • Ingilavicus

    Hi @Filip,


    No, the scrolling bar will always appear on the top for rows and left for columns, you can't change that behaviour. 


    But what you could do is adding a dynamic filter for the timescale. By default showing current week + future periods and only when the user ticks a boolean, the historic periods are shown. Not exactly what you wanted, but might help in the usability of the grid.