Filter with Sync Selections

Hi All, Just looking for ideas on using filters and sync selections together on different axes... I want to filter the Markets (shown in Columns), and use Sync Selections on Products (shown rows) to only show the products under a selected Product Category. *See screenshots* Currently the filter isn't working because you need to select an individual Product or parent in the filter that you set up for Markets. I know that it will work if I put Markets and Products on the same Axis but this isn't the ideal layout. Anyone got any suggestions for other workarounds? Many thanks... Simon


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  • Hi all,

    Just to close this thread down...
    I havent yet found the answer I'm looking for.

    In the end the only way to get this to work was to both lists on the same axis and then apply the filter. The Sync rows setting still works.
    This took a little while to get used to, but is working well now.
    *See screenshot*

    Happy anaplanning...


  • This can achieved done, but you will have to use two different line items and publish both those Line Items on DB for selection without any dimensions. Let's Say, Product Category (Format - List - Product Category) and Market (Format - List - Market), then use two separate Boolean lines to capture the matching results for Product Category and Market selected above respectively. After that use these BOOLEAN lines as filter on Row and Column separately to work the way you want it to.