Anaplan Image upload new UX


Can anyone share how does Anaplan able to access the images uploaded in a private sharepoint folder without asking for another log-in authentication?


We have a current project right now that we need to show the logo of each brand in the new UX page. What we did was to upload it in a sharepoint folder (that only few people has access to) and use the link to load in Anaplan. It's working well now but there are certain issues that we have encountered.

For example, I was not able to see the logos first using Chrome but when I used Microsoft Edge (where I mainly use to open sharepoint folders) I was able to see it. Then to address it in Chrome, I open the link for the said folder in chrome and only then I was able to see the logo. 


I'm not sure as to how the link to upload an image works using sharepoint differs in both browser but at the same time both don't asks me authentication.


Hope someone could share their thoughts on this. Thanks!


  • Hello @leahorata024 @MarkWarren 


    did you find the reason of that issue finally? 


    Same issue I am facing that seems an issue that if cookies are deleted on the browser the images are not correctly uploaded from SharePoint but once I´ve access to SharePoint with the browser the issue disappears and images are correctly loaded and visualized on the Page. 


    Thanks in advance


  • Yes, Sharepoint or similar sites/intranets will require login credentials, tokens stored in cookies, to display images. I think there are options to make images public; I think its called "Sharing outside your organization".
    Or you could host them on another site and use them in both Anaplan and Sharepoint from there - may add some overhead and reliance on a third-party though...