Level 2 Sprint1 Import Data into G3 Location List


The expected result is :




But the result I got is as below :





Can anyone please help me why my result is not as expected exactly?

Do I need to delete the rows I have highlighted to get as expected result?

Best Answers

  • JaredDolich


    This is a good practice problem for moving data from flat lists to structured lists. In this case you must use the system module SYS06 to build the country list. The challenge is how to select the region. I our case we only have the region name but you can usually use name or code. Make sure your saved view looks like this and try again. You'll have to remove the list items you currently have.



  • TimWard70

    The structure is Region->Country->Location

    The ones you have highlighted are Regions

    Check the Parenting in your country list