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Could you please help me make a mirror bar chart? I multiplied the blue colored series by -1 to make a mirror effect, but I have either a negative sign or brackets in the chart. In addition, I could not align these series at the same level. Thank you!


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  • JaredDolich


    Good call out. Not sure there's a perfect answer since Anaplan doesn't have a native mirror chart. here are some ideas. Assuming this is what you want:


    1. One thing you can try is to remove the value on the chart and instead create a separate line item for charting and one for reporting. So your mirror will work and when you hover over the bar, you'll see the reporting value which for the negative chart values will be the opposite. 
    2. The other way, more complicated of course, is to use an index as the x-axis. So for Blue it uses a formula that calculates is left of center (which will be positive, not negative) and for purple it calculates right of center.
    3. Export to Excel, Power BI, or Tableau. There's a free Excel Addon (v4) for Anaplan that will grab your data directly and make your mirror chart. https://www.excel-board.com/how-to-create-a-mirror-bar-chart-in-excel/ 
    4. Last way you might consider is abandoning the mirror chart and go with a plain old bar chart (POBC)


    Honestly don't know how you can line up the bars without some type of trickery like using a 2nd Y-Axis. but I didn't get far with that. Even tried a column mirror instead of bar mirror.







  • Thank you very much! @JaredDolich 


    For now I will implement your fourth solution, then I will try to implement the more complex ones  🤔


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