Level 2 Conclusion Issue on Importing data DEM04 to DAT02


Hi Anaplan Community,


I am facing an importing problem. Although I think I'm doing everything as it should, I get an error message every time.


I have attached all the pictures and it can be seen that I must be doing something wrong with time mapping. But I couldn`t make it.


I really appriciate your help.

Thanks in advance.







  • @aykcos 

    Use DAT02 from the Data Hub not the spoke application. Your saved view should look like this:





  • Thanks Jared for your reply.


    I guess there is misunderstanding. According to instruction we should import data from "DEM04 Demand" module of Supply Chain Model into "DAT02 SKU Volumes" module of F&P module which is built in Level-1 training. 


    I could not understand the relationship to DATA Hub. Is there something that I am missing?


    Looking forward to your reply and appriciate that.

  • @aykcos 

    Correct. You need to set up your saved view so that it is import friendly to that module. Recommend you create a new line item in the DAT02 to import this data. No reason to mess up a good L1 model! The best way is to create your saved view this way: