Level 3 Sprint 1 Import


Its regarding Level 3: Sprint 1 : User Story says " Import the Financial Forecast data from the Level 1 FP&A model" I have used the "Baseline+Financial+Forecast.csv" file. I am struggling with the import mapping "Time" and "Baseline Financial Forecast" portion. I keep getting failed errors regarding date format and/or Invalid line item identifier"


Can anyone help me to identify if the mappings given in the image are correct? 


Any help would be appreciated!




Best Answer

  • Vinay VaradarajM

    Hi @DominickG ,


    In this case, your import file has time data in YY-MMM format, where as the system accepts MMM YY (Match names as default).

    You have the following options to successfully import the file:

    1. Change the time data in your file to MMM YY format


    2. Select custom fixed-position pattern (screenshot below), if you would like to use the existing time format in your file



    Best Regards,