Duplicated selector for Product Lists/Hierarchies


Hello everyone,


I'm relatively new to Anaplan, so apologies in advance if this is a basic question or if I'm trying to do something that's not best practice in the system.

in a Board I'm creating (via MyPages), I'm trying to put both a chart with context selector on a Product List (Let's call it P2 - Product List), and a grid with context selector on a Product List (Let's call it P3 - SKU).


However, when activating context selector for both grid/chart, the selector appear twice. Even if my amending the value of one context selector, the other one gets updated, the look & feel for end user is not optimal.


I understand this a standard feature when different level of hierarchies are used as context selector, the system considers them as different and thus shows both. But is there a way to avoid this?


Thanks in advance for your feedback

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Totally understand and agree. One thing you can do now is to turn off one of the selectors by going into design then clicking on one of the duplicate selectors. Then click on "off". It will be hidden in the published view.