Morse CF - Negative Formatting


Hey Anaplan,


Anyone have a suggestion on how to use the morse conditional formatting to signify both negative and positive values are significant? 


Issue I have is that if I have:


-50%, 0, 50%

CF -1 (red), 0 (white), 1 (green)


The problem I have is that -50% shows as a red dot, whereas 50% shows as a significant line.  I want -50% to be a significant red line, and 50% being a significant green line.  Absolute doesn't work, because it's still a range. 


Otherwise, also interested in other ways of creatively showing this -- keep in mind that it's going on a management reporting page (meaning that images can't be used as it's for multiple line items in a chart).  


  • @kaitchura 



    This is not the best solution which I think we can get. But here is my try to get the result:


    "aa" line item is the color formatting driver. here is the formula:


    These are the settings for CF


    What i don't like here is that 50% and -50% are different in length this way.


    If i come up with something better - I will let you know.


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    Kirill Kuznetsov

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  • I have forgotten 0 in CF settings, but you can add one more midpoint with white coloring for this to work.