Level 3 Model Building (Importing Module data into List from Data Hub)



I'm having problems importing data from my Level 3 Model Building Data Hub into the other Level 3 Model's List. 

I need to Import that from my Module SYS14 Create Account> Product  into the List A2 Account>Product. 

I created the LI's in the Module in the List as Properties, but I'm having trouble pulling in the data from the Module. I get a error when it comes to the mapping of the data. 




A2 Accounts>Products List


Please advise,


Thank you 


  • Hi @neg177 


    I guess A1 account list is the parent of A2 Account>Product list , so to import products for each account , you need to map account code to parent and account_product code as new item 



  • I do not have those options in my mapping