Level 3 Sprint 1 2.2 importing Baseline Financial Forecast Data

Hi all,

I know that there is a ground rule saying that level 3 model building should be and only be done personally, but I thought asking some help on import error could probably slip through this rule.

I'm getting some error when importing the CSV file < Baseline Financial Forecast.CSV> provided by the course, error message is showing -"Expected month name or number in date/period". I've checked the mapping and date format, they all seems good to me but no matter how I adjust the format (even with YY-MMM custom format) I'm still getting errors. 

Attachments are my mappings, time patterns w/ separators, and error message (the one saying Expected abbreviated month happens when I uses custom pattern).

I've actually been getting this error quite often throughout level1&2 but somehow manage to have it fixed (which I have absolutely no idea which setting triggers it). I will be more than appreciate if anyone could shed some light one this, THANK YOU!



  • Ok so I manage to get it right after couple times of import, I think the language for month names is the key. My I'm using mandarin so the default month names is Chinese, although in the previous attempts (eg. the screenshots) I did changed the language to English but the system probably didn't digest the change so it's still trying to read it as Chinese month names.