Level 1 Importing Into Modules and Making Edits


I'm on Level Lessson 7 and there are multiple activities where I have to import data from csv file.


Is there a way to make edits to mapping after data has been imported already or do you have to start from scratch?


In general is there a way to undo mistakes in Anaplan? Tried ctrl z but it does not work.


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  • JaredDolich


    Love your intuition on this. Yes, you can undo but not the same way in Windows or with a Mac Ctrl-Z / Cmd-Z. 

    For your situation, there are many ways to solve this. Here are a few.

    • The easiest way is to just go to history and reset your model back to before you did the import. This is effectively the same as undo and you can go back as far as you want. Just keep in mind any edits that were made "after" the point in which you restore will be lost. So if you just want to reverse the import, then set to one transaction before you did the import.
    • Another way is to just reimport the same file. Anaplan will remember your mapping as long as the filename is the same. You can then edit it. A little more advanced, you can go to actions and find the import, click on edit, and change the mapping from there.
    • A third way, which I hope you don't need to use, but sometimes is necessary when working with lists is to delete the list items manually. You can just go into lists and delete dependents or all. If you accidentally delete all and remove all the parents too, you'll need to reload the whole hierarchy from top to bottom. For Level 1, fortunately, this doesn't take long, like 2 minutes but it can seem like a lifetime.

    Hope that helps. Oh, by the way, CTRL-Z works one time when you make grid edits.


  • Thanks for the information!
  • I've noticed that most times when I try to do option 1 nothing shows up in my history. Only once I saw different versions in history.

    Do you know if you can edit dimensions after they've been added?
  • @zoecassell 

    You sure can. You can add, edit, and delete. Just remember that if you need to reload the hierarchies, you should always load from top to bottom. You got this!