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I am trying to use select function with an list member, but it is not working at all. Is there anything that i need to enable as a part of setting?


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  • Hi @Badam ,


    As per best practice, don't select any list item directly in your formula instead you can do lookup.

    Create one System Lookup module without any dimension. add line item & format of the line item should be your list & then you can do lookup at your formula.





  • And of course the only exceptions to this are versions, generic time settings such as all periods and top-level items in list per planual item 2.02-14

  • Hi @andrewtye 


    Even in case of versions also it is not allowing me to select using clicks. I had to enter VERSIONS.Actual.


    Any particular reason for that?




  • Hi @Badam 

    Oh, I see what you mean now. Looks like in the Classic Model Experience you couldn't do click on the versions when using select, but you could for list items - which you now can't in NMX.

    Wonder if this is something deliberate in the back-end to prevent it from happening.

    @ChrisM : could you shed some light on it or should this be a support ticket?

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for raising this issue. Unfortunately there is a known problem at the moment that is described here:

    We hope to resolve this in a future release.