I've been having an issue with locating my error in the model for the Parent Error I keep getting everything is mapped out correctly and I've literally lost 2 days trying to figure this out it's not because of lack of effort. But now I fear I won't have my lessons done in time to stay on pace to finish. I really need some help and would appreciate anyones valuable insight on this section. 



  • @TwyCol91 

    Never fear! We'll get you to the finish line. Some ideas:

    1. Uncheck "production data" - this is for when you want to implement ALM - not needed for Level 1 coursework.
    2. Make sure your departments are still loaded. I couldn't see what the exact error was, just that they all failed. It might have been that you had invalid parents.

    Your mapping is perfect. Nicely handled. One of the two suggestions, or both should fix your issue. Try reloading again with the same mapping after you've checked the above. Good to go!



  • I did remove the product check box. However I'm still getting the invalid Parent error message. I believe my parents are wrong. But these are the values that were given to me by the program. How would I see which parent to use when  I have it listed as E1 departments?  

  • @TwyCol91 

    Awesome. You're so close now. Just reload the departments. You should have 5 departments.