Management Report - Waterfall Show intermediate totals not working

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Immediately below is what has come out despite selecting 'Show intermediate totals'



But below is what I actually want





  • saglago
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    Solution has now been found. With the help of Level 3 Support (Kyohei)


    1. Go into the Module

    2. Toggle to Blue Print view
    3. Scroll to the right and find a Boolean column named "Is Summary"
    4. Check the "Is Summary" Boolean for line item that needs displaying at intermediate sum

    5. The result as below




  • LouiseBourgonjon
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    I tried this but it is still not working for me.

    I have a waterfall in which I want to bridge one number to the other by showing the variances per quarter and I also want to show the full year variance as an intermediate total.

    Start: NY Plan IBT

    Waterfall bars: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 variances and Full Year variance as intermediate total

    End: NY Plan + Full Year Variance


    line items "full year variance" ad "NY Plan IBT" are both marked as "Is summary" in blueprint view.

    However, I still don't see the full year variance in the waterfall.


    Am I doing something wrong?


  • saglago
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    Hello @LouiseBourgonjon ,


    I couldn't find a straightforward answer but have played with your numbers by rearranging them so that Parent and Is Summary are as below and has worked. I hope is helpful.




  • LouiseBourgonjon
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    Thank you for your suggestion @saglago 

    The disadvantage is that it gives the impression that we move to (55) which is actually not the case, so it makes the variances look much bigger.

    I have decided to leave out the starting base and only focus on the split of the total variances by quarter.