2.4.8 Activity: Create Detailed Demand Review UX Page



I have created a saved view as below : 




Using My pages I have created UX Page: Detailed Demand Review

Configured a grid using Board.

When trying to include the Product SKU, Account, Time context selectors  getting as below in the screenshot.




Can anyone please help me on this if I am doing anything wrong?



  • @SravanKumar 

    Very common question - thanks for calling this out. The reason why you cannot apply a filter is because you've chosen a "Saved View". Saved views cannot be modified because the source is coming from Classic. If you want the ability to further modify the view, you will need to create a "Custom View" instead in my pages, which is perfectly acceptable. There are pros/cons, of course, with each solution. The pro of using custom views is that you can work with all the New UX features and change them on demand. The con is that it is not reusable. With a saved view, you can change it from Classic and it will automatically be picked up in New UX.