List and Modules

is the "applies to" column within the modules view indicative of what lists are part of that module? Also, is there another way to tell what lists make up the modules? 






  • In a module the top grey line "applies to" is what your module is dimensioned by. Since your screenshot has white lines my guess is you are looking at what a specific line item is dimensioned buy. They can be different. Another way to see the list/dimensions is to leave blueprint mode and click on the pivot icon.

  • Hi @drathod 

    So a quick check on the dimensions of the module can be done from the modules tab in settings


    Also you change dimensionality at module level from here directly 



    Inside the module , that is highlighted by grey , so this is applying to the module , ie default for all line items , however , you can change the dimensionality at line item level as shown(for subsidiary views purpose) .


    Hope this helps