Set Period as Column in a Module




I have to create 2 reports, one with year only as column and another one with quarterly as column.

I do have the data module with month as column, but that's not the result that I want. Previously I just show the data module and hide every months then show Q/Y only but I don't think that's a good practice, since if there's an addition to the year I will have to edit the module and hide the months again.

Is there any solution to this? Or is it possible to have time period as a column instead of time?


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  • @deantari 


    You can achieve this thru filters. You will have to create SYS TIME modules where you filter Quarters and Years based on the requirement. Apply these filters on output module 


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    Miz Logix

  • Hi @Misbah

    I don't quite get that, how does that SYS TIME module be like?
  • @deantari 


    Module dimensioned by Time only. Create few lines formatted as boolean.


    1. Quarter only - Write formula or check boxes manually

    2. Year only - Write formula or check boxes manually


    Depending upon your requirements you may have to create two diff SYS Time modules, one at quarter level and second at year level.


    Miz Logix