Suppress zeroes NUX on Column Chart



A question - can I suppress zeroes when I'm using a Column chart?

I saw that option in Waterfall.. but I guess it is the only one where I can do it?

And no options about handling Zeroes in other types of charts?


Thank you.



  • Hello @JoannaAn 

    Can you show us an xample?


    Have you tried setting to zero format to Blank?


    Another option is to set a filter to hide items with value 0 from the chart


  • @JoannaAn 

    You can try using an IF THEN ELSE statement in you data to return DIVIDE(0,0) if the data is a zero this will return a NA for all zeros which will not show on the final chart. 

    If you need to display this data in a grid on a page create a duplicate module and use this IF THEN ELSE and use this duplicate grid to feed your chart.