Anaplan API V2 Line Item Extraction Missing All Fields


I am currently working to extract line item detail via the API V2. Is it possible to have all fields available via the API show even if they are blank? When pulling detail from multiple models the JSON extract will have a different number of headers/columns as I show in this example. To remain consistent is it possible to have all fields show in the JSON output of the API GET so 27 columns will always show for every model? My understanding from the documentation is there are 27 fields to extract for line item detail.


URL Used{}/lineItems/?includeAll=true


Below is the raw extract before "Code" field is populated in the line item detail of the module. You can see the column header does not show "Code".


After populating "Code" you will now see the header and data. In red.


Here is the module with the "Code" populated.



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  • Dikshant
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    So the conclusion is that the line item code shows the column correctly