Level 2 - Sprint 2 Import into DAT03 Historic Volumes using actions

Hi Modelers

I am actually trying to import into DAT03 Historic Volume(from data hub to supply chain model).

Getting this error message

Can you please guide me on how to rectify it




  • @kaadarsh1992 

    Most likely your action is not pointing to a valid source. Try editing the action and reselecting the saved view. If that doesn't work, try rebuilding the action from scratch and rename it the same as the one that is there now. Overall, you're just missing the source data.

    I believe the lesson for that task is to point to a new import data source. You can also go back and reread that section.

  • Thanks a lot @JaredDolich 

    edited the action and reselected the datahub saved view and it worked !

  • @adarsh0106 

    Awesome! Don't forget to mark this solved.

    You got this!!

  • yeah sure !