Lesson 6.6.1 through 4

Lesson 6.6.1 through 4, my screen does not match with the one shown on the lesson, please help me.


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  • Mr. Jared Dolich,

    Thank you very much, your help is much appreciated. But, my SYS001 screen shows the months as well as FY's distributed.


    Should it be as shown below, or as shown in Lesson 6.6.5?


    Thanks in advance,




    Özgür Değirmen

    ScreenShot 2021-12-09 231208.png

  • Set your time scale to YEAR on that system module.




  • @odegirmen 

    Good catch. Most common issue here is that you didn't change the current fiscal year to 2020. Make sure your calendar looks like this:




  • Dear Mr, Jared,


    I am very pleased by your help. After I become a little more "expert", I would like to offer this program to my current company I am employed at.


    You have been very helpful.


    Have a good evening!.


    Özgür Değirmen