Run Action Concurrency

Hi, I want to check the action concurrency.

If several users run the action, Action which first user run will run?

The second user's will not run?

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  • @hyudolee @Misbah 


    Yes, when running the same action by multiple people at the same time, the actions essentially get put in a queue and the first one runs to completion, and then the second one.  This is one of the main reasons we suggest against having end-users run actions (5.01-03).  And yes, if multiple people are trying to update the exact same cell by running an action, the last one that runs wins.




  • @hyudolee 


    Good question!


    My understanding is that if  end users (with enabled selective access and other security measures) run the action at the same time it runs every body's action successfully. However I still believe that Anaplan doesn't run the action concurrently and it runs them sequentially. I might be wrong 


    On the other end if end users with same access or WSA admins run the action at the same time then whosoever runs the action last will be saved and all other preceding actions will be overridden. Also as soon as the import is run the model locks itself for end users until the action is successfully completed



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  • Hi, @rob_marshall and @Misbah.


    Thanks for replay!

    I understand that Action runs in order.


    How about Process Action?

    Action in Process will never run across?


  • @hyudolee 


    Process is nothing but the collection of actions that are supposed to run in a chronological manner. Basics will still be the same which is what Rob had mentioned. 




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