8.5.3 Activity: Import Data into Volume Inputs Module

Hello everyone,


I am getting an error when trying to import data into the volume modules. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong with the time source--->target column. (see screenshots attached)


Thanks in advance!


Best Answer

  • Hi @Shanlovin ,


    You will need to change the mapping for the first and fourth dimensions as follows:

    1. Column Headers -> Time (because timescale in your file is in column headings)

    4. Fixed Line Item -> REV02 Volume Inputs Lineitems (because you are importing data into a particular lineitem in this target module, which you will select in the last tab)


    Additionally, in time mapping, you will need to select the following, because your import file has a different time format when compared to default accepted setting (which is mmm yy)



    Hope this helps!