6.8.5 Activity: Add Location Details Module



Hi, this is what should I get based on the lesson but here is what I am getting. Anyone can help? Thank you in advance. 




  • Hi Gulmuneer,


    Try to put G3 location in 'Columns' and remove time dimension and check.



  • @gourav1kumar 

    I already put the G3 location in 'Pages' and in most of the other activities (in Lesson 6), I put the list (e.g., product, employees, region) into 'Pages'. Is there any way to change without re-doing from the beginning? Thank you in advance?

  • Hi @gulmuneer

    Well I also faced same issues like the same how you have faced. But I had to redo the complete module, since I also did not get any other way to do changes.

    - Gourav
  • @gulmuneer

    I think you got the solution in Slack.

  • Dear @gourav1kumar 

    Yes, I received the solution. 

    Here is the answer from @kenyashakir 
    Use the pivot button on top bar to change dimensions around.