Level 3 Sprint 2 Employee Details into G3 Sales Reps


Hey Team,


I have encountered some issue(s) with importing the datahub saved view employee details module into the G3 Sales Rep list in the Sales planning model. After a completing the import, the results (per the attachment) are not the employee names but numbers. 


Could you advise on how best to quell this issue and proceed? 


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  • JaredDolich


    Your super close. Two things I noticed.

    • First is that your SYS07 has subsidiary views (applies to and calendar for the line item does not match the applies to and calendar for the module). Those should be fixed first.
    • Secondly, turn on the display name for your numbered list. this will activate the numbered list to display the name. Screenshot example below from Level 1 Model.




  • @DominickG 

    Great question. Looks like you can add a "display name" to your reps list which is a numbered list. Once you change that, your numbers will convert to the display name.

  • @JaredDolich 


    Thanks for the input Jared, but when I used that list as a dimension in a module, the numbers are displayed and not the users' display name. (Per attachment). I've been troubleshooting this issue for the last couple of days with  no avail. 


    Not sure if it's something simple I'm overlooking or something else. Thoughts?





  • @JaredDolich 


    I was able to remedy the issue. 

    Thanks for the help!

  • @JaredDolich or @DominickG - how did you resolve the issue?